International romance has never seemed so calculated and depressing.

90 day fiance

Every time you think you’ve heard of the craziest, most exploitative reality show…another one pops up. Interestingly enough, this TLC reality series feels a bit more like an authentic documentary than a reality show. After all, this is a real thing that happens. And it’s both bizarre and very American. (We import our Tapist Monk beer, AND our wives, apparently.)

These couples have 90 days to decide if they should get married, and the woman will stay in the country. (That’s a Green  Card alert you’re hearing in the distance.) Some of these women have never been to the United States. (And Oklahoma is their first stop? Yikes. Nothing against Oklahoma…but you’re Oklahoma.) Some will be asked to live with the guys’ parents, where he also lives.

As I watched, and a promo for a movie called “The Nut Job,” came on, I snickered and thought of the men who are shipping these women over to possibly be their brides. After all, some of these people have hardly spent any time in the same room together before. And they pay to fly this girl over, and offer her this great life… it reeks of desperation. Do you think I’ve never thought about importing a dashing, too-good-for-me British gentleman who would want to use me for a green card so I could have him in my life? Psh! A British husband is THE DREAM.

For these women, some of them haven’t driven a car or used a dishwasher. So, when you ask why they might be motivated to move to the USA and live with one of these guys…I think it’s self-explanatory. They want better lives. But at what cost? They leave their families, their country, culture, and language. Do any leave for…love?

I think the goal of this show will be for us to see which, if any, of these couples are truly in love. And, which, if ANY, are in love and also not crazy in the head.

The visa’s these women use (because I know we’re all curious, and I googled it) is the K-1 visa – also known as a Fiance Visa.

At the end of 90 days, the couples must decide whether they are ready to get married. If any woman chooses not to marry, she must give up her visa and immediately return to her home country.

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REACT: Have you watched the show? Do you think any of these couples should actually get married?