We have 9 stylish secrets that will help you with Fashion Star 2012 casting!

Fashion Star season 2 has begun casting for 12 new cast members!

There are some tips you need to know if you want to not just be selected as the Fashion Star, but have a chance of winning.

1. Know yourself and your brand. Figure out key words that apply to the lifestyle you are creating with your clothing. Are you downtown boho chic or more uptown preppy princess?

2. Study the stores involved in the competition. Ultimately, should you be so lucky, you want to sell to each of them. To do this you will want to know what each store is about, who they cater to, and what kinds of clothing they look for. H&M sells to teens and 20-something’s who like hip, ultra trendy and affordable gear, whereas your suburban soccer Mom shops at the family friendly Macy’s. Saks Fifth Avenue is for chicer, more design-based items that are higher priced.

3. You can get into the competition without knowing how to sew or make patterns, but you really shouldn’t be allowed to. Make sure you know how to sew! It’ll save you so much headache in the future when you are trying to figure out how patterns should go together, or how much time a piece will take to create. Don’t be the dumbest designer in the room.

4. As you design, think about how the item will look on a real body (that means sizes that go past 2) and how it will look on a hanger and as it moves on the runway. It needs to check all boxes for it to be a winner. If the straps look flimsy or it hangs badly on a hanger, a store is not going to buy it because consumers won’t buy it.

5. Plan cute outfits to wear on the show. And if you are allowed, include items that you’ve sewn yourself. Always be representing your brand! Always look cute and project that lifestyle you want others to buy into.

6. It’s great if you’re passionate, but don’t argue when you’re on the runway. It never ends well for those who do.

7. Remember that you are selling your personality as much as your clothing. You are constantly being watched and need to win over the mentors, the buyers, the editors (who can make you look like the villain or the sweetheart) and the fans at home. The camera catches your bad attitude behind the scenes, so don’t mope around. America’s Fashion Star is never going to be the designer who had a bad attitude the entire way through the competition. And every chance you have to come into contact with a buyer or mentor is another chance to win them over, so never stop being nice.

8. Listen to those mentors and buyers. They aren’t trying to steer you in the wrong direction. They have tons of experience. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own world that we need someone to bring in that outside perspective.

9. Come with lots of ideas. Don’t only make maxi dresses, or only feel inspired to create jackets. Look at fashion magazines all the time so you have endless ideas of ways to innovate! Let everything you see inspire you. And know the basic names of items of clothing (sheath dress vs shift dress) and what those look like. Also know the different types of fabric (chiffon vs silk) and how they feel and look.

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