evangeline lilly

Evangeline Lilly does not have a Twitter account. Yet over 7,000 people are following who they believe to be her. They believe it because the name is Evie_Lilly and the bio says “Hi. This is Evangeline Lilly from LOST.” RATHER MISLEADING.  It seems that this is an elaborate and childish prank being orchestrated with a couple other people as they are friends and talk often with a fake Josh Holloway aka Josh_Holloway (who has just under 7,000 followers) and a fake Emilie de Ravin aka Emilie_deRavin (who has only around 3,000 followers). Why do so many people believe the fakers? What’s sad is that these people type really dumb things, and so it’s practically a smear campaign to make them all look dumb. Sue them!