666 Park Avenue season 1 episode 3 “The Dead Don’t Stay Dead” recap inside!

Oh, yea, please drag Jane back into the creepy room. That is super smart. Old dolls are such an easy way to convey “creepy” so it’s almost a cheat.

I completely remember old bouncing horses like that! I had like three of them, which made me feel like I had a stable-full of horses.

“They’re like classifies for the dead.” Except… who would read that, the devil and God or something? Maybe they could vote for them like on The Voice. “They did charity work for five years!” God would turn for that soul.

You can’t make up obits for someone, what about the people who are still alive and knew the guy?! Is this girl an idiot? That is a shame, because I otherwise really liked her… But irresponsible people really turn me off, and fast.

I want to order a milkshake in a martini glass! …And yea, I’m nearly 30.

This obit writer girl (Annie) is so, so dumb.

Alexis (Helena Mattsson) has really, really great hair. Even in a ponytail.The hint is to style it all and then throw it in a ponytail and act like you didn’t just spend two hours on it.

“That’s sweet Jane. But I’m much too young to be your Mother.” – Olivia

Is it funny that I don’t even believe they (Gavin and Olivia) had a kid? I want proof of this Sasha!

Calm down, Jane. It’s just a wall of blood.

“Sometimes these buildings can be a little creepy.” – Jane, 666 Park Avenue Quotes

A murder kit? So creepy. At least Dexter’s murder kit is only used against other horrible murderers…

She’s so shocked that she can only dial 9-1? There is no reason she couldn’t have hit 1 again! It’s right there!

“Don’t let him out.” – Little Girl

With Kandinsky… do you think her writing created him or that it was a real guy who realized his story was found out? I think it’s the former, because of the details like the scar. That couldn’t be a coincidence.

Jane likes to wander around barefoot, alone at night in the dark basement of this creepy building where she often has hallucinations. Totally makes sense.

What the what?

So, we have no resolution with Annie and knowing if she’s dead or not. And Jane brought up a creepy briefcase that is locked, after she got a visit from a ghost/vision that said not to let something out? Gee, let me try to fiddle with the locks on this totally old and creepy briefcase! Dumb blondes and horror movies… what gives?

I would grade this episode of 666 Park Avenue only about a C-. It annoyed me. What did you think?

Photo Credit: ABC