A live blog of the 666 Park Avenue premiere event!

I love this classical music piece they’re playing. But bloody fingers freak me out! Looks like soooomeone made a deal with the devil. Could it be the guy rushing around? Yea, I think so.

Something tells me he doesn’t want to answer that phonecall. It’s a nice, cool old rotary phone, though!

So, the deals are for ten years. Don’t forget that!

Well, the house ate him. Basically. I like the cool shadow on the fonts of “999 Park Avenue”.

And now, a fun song! Our happy couple has no idea what is in store for them. Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor are a believable couple.

Suspicious hipster teenager had attitude.

Of course they saw this on Craigslist. Ha.

They definitely should have been more confident in their interview. …And now she is. Way to hit him with your “oh, btw, I’m smart.”

So the devil can say “God”.

203 apartments! 388 residents. And they get Apartment 3B.

He moved someplace warmer. Ha. Arizona or Hell. Same, really.

“This place is definitely not futon friendly.”

666 park avenue

Okay, I’m going to be all lusty after wanting to be living in this place, right? The lobby is amazing.

“I have 7 dollars. It’s yours if you need it.” Ugh, he’s sweet.

Creepy lights. Lots of things being stolen… that are personal? Yea. This is not looking great for our gal! She’s so pleased she fixed the light that she doesn’t realize there was just a ghost behind her. I would be SO out of there. I do not muck around with this stuff. Although maybe that’s a lie… I do like to investigate… and clearly so does Jane.

IS THAT A CLAW FOOT CLUB? Jealous. She likes the mosaic on the floor… a dragon. Drake means dragon. Yea, yea.

That dude is REALLY patient with his wife.

That is a FANTASTIC single eyebrow raise! But that guy is a perv. Does he never type, just watch the girl?

A red McQueen dress? Sigh.

Uh oh, Brian’s in troooouble. Alexis is dangerous.

I always wanted to be someone in a big, old library all alone, researching something really creepy and important. but it only happens in movies and on TV!

When it was cheap, it often DOES look cheap.

The order of the dragon! And there’s a sealed off room?

Of course, the dress.

OH MAN, ow! The elevator is maniacal! Now I’m gonna be afraid to get in one.

So the girl is the thief? Odd.

The wall…is eating him! Everyone dies by getting eaten on this show! Creeeepy.

Nice play to advertise American Horror Story during this show. Ha!

“You shouldn’t have come here. They’re never going to let you go.” That ghost speaks the truth.

Dirty feet!

Did they sign in blood?

Maybe the teen is psychic and tries to help people?

Well, this show should make for a fun ride! What did you guys think?

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10 pm on ABC.

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