666 Park Avenue kicked off season 1 episode 2 with birds.

“There’s paperwork to fill out… I think.” – Jane

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Starting to peel at wallpaper is never a good idea. I know this from personal experience. You then are committed to the project!

Holy frig… birds… no birds! That’s odd. Are they birds or bats? Birds in the walls. And it’s totally creepy that the young teen thief knows about them.

Yea, the elevator who almost ATE THAT LADY. Geez!

She needs to hear that a collapsed lung is serious? I usually think a paper cut is pretty serious. Or at least I ACT like it is.

Vindictive Fashionistas hate being inconvenienced.

Creepy Alexis is baaaaack. In fact, she’s been in your apartment, dude. That’s not good.

I know everyone loved the 666 Park Avenue red dress, but this black dress is pretty nice!

If birds attacked me from a wall, I would not be so composed later that day. I’d be … listen, I don’t have to tell you! But “Bird Conspiracies” would be my top google search of that day…

Adriana is such a pretty name. Especially when pronounced “Aud-riana.” Or maybe that’s just a snooty way of pronouncing it…

Even I forget that Henry and Jane aren’t married. I guess we can, maybe, look forward to a wedding episode?

“I’m picking up this project for a song.” – I love old timey wording. I need to use that phrase. “It cost me a song!” I just couldn’t use it very often, because most of what I buy costs a whole record.

“Don’t mess with the birds, they’re part of the Drake.” – 666 Park Avenue Quotes

Thief or no thief, nothing would make me go down to the basement of an old building like that – all alone! Especially if I knew there was a creepy dragon on the floor, and birds in the walls.

THIS SONG? It was on Buffy. “I Only Have Eyes For You” by The  Flamginos. It works well for creepy flashbacks.

Jane seems to have dreams she then thinks are nightmares, but actually happened… but what is the deal with being BAREFOOT in that basement laundry room? Cringe, cringe!

“I have to cook for billionaires?” – Jane

No murders, just suicides? That’s fishy.

Jane, I’d be more afraid of looking down a scary shaft with a stranger behind me rather than a bunch of Starlings. He could have pushed her or “bumped” her. That’d freak me out.

People are not this friendly in New York. They just aren’t.

Rachael Taylor has something very Grace Kelly to her. Hitchcock would have liked her.

Time to steal the rabbit’s foot! …To predict what will happen to the exterminator? Or what might? Or … I don’t know. Maybe this teen takes these objects and then helps protect the real owners? I don’t get a “evil” vibe from her.

Jane is really cooking? I’d just pull a Mrs. Doubtfire and order food and pretend I made it.

Maybe Jane IS clairvoyant.

Is Gavin the devil?

“Oh my God, they’re going to hate my pot roast.” – Jane

I could never kill birds. Exterminators are jerks.

He’s dead. It’s gross. Birds would never be so mean!

“You closed the curtains. I wanted to see you.” – Alexis

Time for a little adultery and pot roast.

1956 murder, inevitable, blah blah. Edward Paxton.

Who sent Jane the newspaper?

“I feel like the building’s trying to tell me something.” – Jane

I’m not so into this B Plot. So, the guy is married, yea yea. Poor lady. She probably did look for a ring and he didn’t have it on. That’d be a Barney Stinson move, to secretly slip one on afterwards.

A repeat murder? Gavin was right on time… Oh… so this woman, Danielle, is like a trained assassin… with a secret trigger….  And now the aging thing is explained, at least. Somewhat. He’s keeping her  young? Okay, nothing is explained!

“The word is full of temptations, Henry. People with integrity are rare.” – Gavin

Danielle looks very put together for a serial killer.

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