666 Park Avenue season 1 episode 4 live recap / review below!

Oh, I’m so glad that girl isn’t dead! But then she quickly detoured to becoming annoying.

Ugh, she gave up her fake source? Shoulda made up a name! But maybe that person would suddenly exist..

Beehive, always do a beehive! If it’s an option. Because really, those are hard to do.

Henry is all ‘my bromance wasn’t a real bromance…!’ and Jane’s all… I shall distract you with sex!

“I found a locked suitcase in the basement” – and then she thought the best idea was to drag it up to her apartment. I wouldn’t even touch it, I’m a germaphobe! All that dust and grime. Yuck. Not to mention the demons and whatever that are in there.

Does anyone care about Emily Post’s rules anymore?

Assuming the Drake thief is male. Psh. Oh, now she’s corrected her phrasing.

It’s our thief! With cookies. Offer me a cookie.

“You lied. You are next.”

Olivia is like, “I’ll leave you to eviscerate this guy who is not treating you right.”

What would Gavin have to do? I feel like it involves murder. Nay, MUUUUURDER.

Henry’s shoes could not have been louder. Take them off, you’ll never be a real spy!

Jane is like a high schooler going to prom with that giddy smile in the elevator.

“Okay, let’s go eat free food.” – Jane, being smart.

This guy does not seem afraid of this black smoke.

Red headed girl never thinks things through.

Compass tattoo guy… is it Kandinsky? Totally is.

Well, that girl …no one will care that she’s dead.

Jane and Henry are firmly in Gavin/Olivia’s pocket now.

I am curious about Nona, that’s true enough. I wonder what her deal is… she’s a psychic klepto? Kind of a unique deal. And why shouldn’t she have warned Jane? Oh, Grandma is a ghost. Or comatose?

Oh God, this song. I’ve always loved this Mazzy Star song. It was in Foxfire, which is a movie I worshiped as a teen. It was also a movie that had Angelina Jolie before she was famous.

What would you grade this episode?

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