If you had a fairy Godmother, what Halloween costume would you hope they’d drop off for you? (Mine would include huge diamonds.) Here’s our 666 Park Avenue season 1 episode 5 “A Crowd of Demons” review!

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#NoFur! – I hope Olivia’a jacket is faux.





#ConvenientBirdsAreConvenient – Seriously, more birds?


MISC Review Notes

That locket looks like it has a skeleton of a spider on it, just… done in pearls.

I like Jane’s costume  as being Tippi Hedren from The Birds. It was even a perverse joke, since those birds in the building had attacked Jane. Of course, it’s hard to dance at a party with such big accessories.

Jane is talking to a ghost very reasonably. Hey ghost, just talk to me.

I would totally blow off a party to do google research.

So, when rich people do Halloween they just wear an evening gown and a mask?

Why does Jane always head to the basement? That’s a dead end!

Memorable Quotes

“We’re required to wear these?” – Henry Martin

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666 Park Avenue Season 1 Episode 5 | 666 Park Avenue “A Crowd of Demons” Recap | This episode was written by Gabriella Pierce, David Wilcox, and Sonny Postiglione. | Photo Credit: ABC | 666 Park Avenue airs Sundays on ABC.

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