So pretty. So very pretty.

So pretty. So very pretty.

Get ready to sink your gluttonous teeth into Caprica on Syfy. You wanted more Battlestar Galactica – you got it. Or at least, you got it in a way. Caprica is a spin-off. More than that (more interestingly, I should say) it’s a prequel. I’m sick of sequels, but prequels…now those are something worth calling your best friend at 4 a.m. about.

If a picture can tell a thousand words, then I’ve prepared a five page essay on why you should watch…

caprica adamaNUP_136912_1055NUP_136912_0325NUP_136912_1099NUP_136912_0557NUP_136912_0940NUP_136912_0712Eric-Stoltz-as-Daniel-Graystone-Paula-Malcomson-as-Amanda-GraystoneNUP_136912_0995

Syfy Photos by Joe Pugliese

Now let’s go make some cylon toast, eh?