Our intel indicates that you’re looking for some Chuck season 5 spoilers. Please proceed!


Whether you attended Comic Con or not, you deserve to know some of the juicy Chuck season 5 spoilers that were learned during the Chuck panel (and beyond!)

Morgan might not be taking this spy stuff so seriously: Josh Gomez said that Morgan mostly, “wants to hurt people and take revenge” with his new intersect powers.

Morgan might not keep the intersect: In an interview with TV Line, Zac was assuring fans that Morgan truly did download the intersect, and had an emphasis on how Morgan has it in the first episode. Given that Zac just read the first script, is there something that led our leading man to believe that Morgan might not keep the intersect for all of Chuck season 5? Who knows. But it’s interesting to speculate about. And you can tell that because here I am, speculating.

Sarah won’t be Morgan’s trainer: Yvonne spoke about how she’s happy to be taking a break now that Morgan is the star. Chuck had Sarah and Casey to help him train. Who will be the most help to Morgan? Chuck, or Casey?

Casey’s got a lovah: A new love interest named Gertrude will arise for Casey in Chuck season 5.

Mark Hamill: He’s going to be a Chuck season 5 villain. And for those not paying attention, Mark Hamill was Luke Skywalker. Talk about getting the ultimate nerd icon on board.

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