Who else is willing to admit they watched Glee tonight?

glee season 5 episode 5 the end of twerk

Glee twerks. Photo: Fox

Glee, “The End of Twerk,” was one part awful, one part ridiculous, and one party actually…decent.

Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) got a tattoo.

For many fans on Twitter, the reasons for loving the tatoo are mostly because Colfer was shirtless. While I appreciate good arms, I was more tickled by how Kurt turned his terrible tattoo around into something …well, better than before. (The tattoo was “Its get better,” then “Its got Bette Middler.”

Jake was caught.

Guess what, he can’t make a fool of Marley anymore. Sure, she’s heartbroken. But that was necessary – she’d hear about it sometime. At least we got that mess of a … no, wait…I’m sure this isn’t out of the way. I’m sure it’s only just begun. Especially with that CURIOUS look that Mr. Schu gave Marley and Jake during the last number. It’s going to be a point of contention, apparently. But the good part is that we got Marley (Melissa Benoist) singing “Wrecking Ball” better than Miley. Win.

Blaine (Darren Criss) Twerking

The title says it all. Tina was a jerk to post it, but it was awesome so I maybe kinda understand.

Beyonce Cover

Wade “Unique” Adam (Alex Newell) covered the Beyonce song, “If I were a Boy.” And damn if it wasn’t one of the best covers Glee has ever given us. Out of nowhere, in an episode about twerk, there were FEELINGS. And it was a great moment.

Blurred Lines

No, the cover is not what I’m going to talk about. Rather… I’m glad that all the children in America learned what Blurred Lines is actually about. Yes. On Twitter, there were teens (well, I’m assuming this part about them being teens, but c’mon) LOLing and saying the song was NOT about that.

Runner up: Rachel Berry got a tatoo that said, “Finn.” He was mentioned a few times in the episode. It makes us sad, but we need it. P.S. We’re all masochists.

Runner up #2: Tina’s yellow dress. She hardly ever gets to wear something really pretty and cool. Tonight, she won.

This was a recap of Glee Season5, Episode 5 “The End of Twerk.” We hope you enjoyed.