Did you watch the season 5 premiere of 30 Rock? It was called The Fabian Strategy, and it taught us much!

  • The three S’s are Surf, Sun and …Sandwiches!
  • Sheer bliss is picking fully cooked lobsters out of warm water.
  • If someone sounds weird on the phone they probably have grown a beard.
  • Even gyno’s commit suicide.
  • Put crazy stuff into your contract that kicks in five years into a gig.
  • If you’re a pilot, Chilli’s will seat you right away.
  • The best way to have a clean bathtub is to clean it.
  • “Relationship” and “Climax” are horrible worlds.
  • Elk Tongue and Husk are both paint colors.
  • Line-item budgets are awesome.
  • The Air Force is like Top Gun with Volleyball.
  • There is “life stuff” and “dude stuff.”
  • There is a new movie about Facebook “The Social Network”, and speaking of Facebook, they have a new, super annoying ad with a wheel that clicks every few seconds. It drives me freaking insane.
  • People still play Snood.
  • The Fabian Strategy can be used in both war and relationships.
  • “Would you Rather” is a fun game.
  • Life Alert things still exist. And you can have one even if you’re not an old lady falling down in front of a bathtub.
  • Your favorite color can be rainbow.
  • Who doesn’t love a tote bag? No one.
  • Geico really does have too many spokespeople.
  • Whiskey and hunting go together perfectly.

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