We may not have known what Pronouncify was yesterday, but after 30 Rock last night many are now fans of the website that corrects your pronunciation’s of common words. Jack provides the soundtrack to the site, as only he can.

30 rock pronouncify

And I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but are you slacking off enough yet? You totally have time to visit the site! It’s where you learn the correct way to pronounce things. See, when you say “America” it should always sound grand and have a soft, strong pronunciation to it. But the word “Liberals”? Well…Jack doesn’t encourage saying that word so nicely.

You have to register to use the site in full, but on the virtual tour…I wasn’t exactly all that impressed. I’d rather have a Liz Lemon version. Get on that, NBC!

30 Rock has always had fun with pronunciation’s. See: The Rural Juror and  Honkey Grandma (Hunk-ee Grandma.)

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