The Golden Globes of 2011 had five very special moments that stood out amongst everything that happened. Here they are, in no particular order.

matt bomer kaley cuoco

Matt Bomer and Kaley Cucoco

Tina Fey and Steve Carell: Ricky Gervais was a jerk to most everyone during the 2011 Golden Globes, but he gave a particularly stinging bite to Steve Carell right before Tina and Steve came out on stage. Gervais tried to approach Carell on stage, but he held his hand up and told the audience “I love it! Never gets old!” But onwards and upwards, to the best night of the evening as Fey and Carell (who were costars in the movie Date Night) managed to win everyone over with their bit.

Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco: When you get to announce an award to a friend or costar, it’s always special. But what if they’re both? The adorable-looking Cuoco practically leapt off the stage when she read that The Big Bang Theory costar Parsons was the winner of the award! Parsons went on to give a hilariously memorable speech.

Chris Colfer: The first tears of the night were brought on by Colfer, who had his first nomination and win last night.

Melissa Leo: As an actress in The Fighter, we actually haven’t seen her movie yet. Still. Someones someone wins, and they have no problem emoting how grateful they are. Leo gave a powerful acceptance speech.

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips: Chalk it up to our days on Dawson’s Creek, but seeing these two walking around the Globes together was wonderful. More than that, Williams actually took a picture of Phillips with Michael Ausiello. Talk about not being a diva! Both actresses are amazing.

Bonus: Jane Lynch: Her speech was what you expect from her: astounding. We can’t leave this off our list.