Here, in mostly chronological order, are my favorite fifteen things from the 2010 Emmy’s. I’m only one person, so if you have other favorite moments to add, please use the comment section! What most impressed you about the show? What moment(s) really touched you or made you smile? Well, here’s mine!

The opening musical number. It was energetic and it combined a lot of our favorite people from different popular TV shows. Glee, 30Rock, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, Community…so many great shows were represented!

Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris exchanging quips. Fallon introduced NPH by saying some people go by just one name like Madonna, while other’s are so insecure they go by three like Neil. And then NPH had a quip about the Emmy’s being hosted by a gay host twice in a row.

Jane Lynch winning! She’s been in this industry for so long, it was amazing to see her win!

The Jimmy Fallon Green Day parody tribute to Lost. Green Day feels a little passe, but whatever dude! We all loved Lost so much, it’s hard not to adore anything about Lost.

Community car spots. There was a promo about a car (I’m such a girl I forgot the brand) with the cast of Community. I loved it. (Oh, then they had another with the Emmy seat filler skit in the car. This time I caught the name of the car – the Infinity QX56. Uh, sure! Woo, cars. The only kind of car I like? A bumper one.

Jimmy Fallon a a host. He was amazing, okay? Thumbs up.

The Bob Hope Humanitarian Award to George Clooney was presented by his former ER castmate Juliana Margulies. How perfect was that? (Carol and Doug!) And George Clooney was funny! He’s an eloquent speaker, passionate at his craft and for charity. No wonder we adore him.

Edie Falco’s award speech. She was so surprised and grateful. And I know people always want the most popular person, from the most popular show, to win every category. But whoever wins, even underdog’s, they have spent just as much time and energy into their project. It was so gratifying to see Falco win, and I really love Nurse Jackie.

The Twitter intro’s. I especially liked the comment about Matthew Morrision’s head looking like a little poodle and Nathan Fillion as a man stick (or something.) I just love Nathan Fillion getting some more of the spotlight!

The fashion. Yup, I adore fashion. I like to know who the stylists are, the designers are, how long people took to get ready, and how many pairs of Spanx they have on under their couture.

Tina Fey in general. She was all over the awards show and I don’t begrude this for a moment because Fallon and Fey are amazing together, and Fey is just so wonderful.

The intro’s spoken as winners made their way to the stage. It was a great way to fill time that was usually spent just hearing orchestral music.

The questions asked to nominee’s. Please note, these were done to people in categories like writer’s, directors, etc. That’s because the writer’s are the brains behind the funny! I loved seeing how people we never see a lot of got a little spotlight to share a bit of themselves.

Ricky Jervais. “Mel Gibson. No, I’m not gonna have a go at him. He’s been through enough. Not as much as the Jews, though. Who wants a beer?” Then they started handing out beers! Haha. So random.

Kyra Sedgwick won! She looked fabulous. And I really liked something she said about: “There are so many people who work so hard without a thought for being singled out.” I’m a Type A person who would also have a list, and I love that Kyra put on glasses to read. I also loved how she had Tina hold her Emmy (and love how Tiny posed to hold it.) I’m just so happy for her!

(Wait, but I’m not done! Three more!)

Julia Ormond’s acceptance speech. She was so nervous because she was so excited. Like, CRAZY, emotionally excited. I loved that raw energy. She was so grateful and so not composed – it was beautiful. And there was this quote:”HBO, thank you for understanding that there is an audience for a chick flick with bulls balls.”

Claire Danes and then Jewel – in a row. It felt like the 90’s for a moment! I loved Claire’s acceptance speech – and she was always in the best dress of the night. She said, “Thank you HBO. Like, for serious. Thank you for existing!” I love her self-awareness and little moments of humor that move right into showing her emotional side and great intelligence. And I want to sneak in here to add that it was great when the mini series won for outstanding mini series and Claire was on stage again she was in the background with her palm on her face and eyes closed, just soakingĀ  up the moment. And when Temple Grandin gave the hug on stage – it was so precious.

Everything. I love TV. I love these people getting recognized. I love celebrating this medium. And it makes me want to watch everything I don’t already watch. It just gets you EXCITED. It makes you happy to be a fan, or part of the industry.

PLUS: Modern Family winning!