At an event where the dress is the thing, you always want to make sure it’s a flattering, attractive one. And if it’s not? Your picture will be splashed everywhere! Now that’s horrific. Here are my top five worst dressed for the Emmy’s.We’ve got the shapeless, Little House on the Prairie audition, and an Easter themed dress.

Here we have Carrie Preston from HBO’s True Blood. I’m not even a fan of this particular hairstyle on her. The dress clashes with the red carpet, and it has an all over odd pattern to it. A mixture of tribal meets tye-dye? What I can say, positively, is that the cut and style of the dress is great. It should have been in a solid color, or any other pattern.

Here’s a question to ask Jewel: did she somehow think she was dressing for an Easter parade? This is too frilly, too lacy, and far too precious! With all of the layers of lace and that damn pink bow she looks like a dollie. To fix this dress, just remove the empire waist satin sash around her bustline and that pink bow. Why didn’t anyone do that?

I’m going to preface this by saying I have an undying adoration for Lauren Graham. Now, that said, I hate this dress. The shoes were nice, but the dress…oh, my. The black bottom half is not nearly billowy enough, and the white upper part is far too blousy and big. She reminds me of a haphazard Cruella di Ville in this outfit. Did she have an audition for a Dynasty remake after the ceremony?

As a fan of Glee and of Dianna Agron, I’m sorry to say that I really find too many things wrong with this dress. It screams Little House on the Prairie ballroom dance to me! Maybe if the black belted sash was taken away, and the dress didn’t have two layers it would look a little more simpler and like less of a costume. Somehow the entire thing looks dowdy, which is all wrong for such a rising young starlet.

Without even bothering to ask why the hell anyone would invite Stephanie Pratt to the Emmy’s, can we just acknowledge that this dress is hideous? It’s a boring, weirdly shaped sack that shrinks in around her thighs and has an oddly asymmetrical black lace piece. This dress would flatter no one. And if you’re already kind of nationally despised, wouldn’t you want to dress to impress?

All photos courtesy of NBC.