On 1600 Penn, Skips’ codename is “Meatball.” Snooki and Deena Nicole Corese are not going to be pleased.

I’ve taken time out of my normal writing routine to pull attention to the new NBC series, 1600 Penn. The TLDR version of this post is: Not yet an amazing show, but it has been enjoyable enough after two episodes to try another.
Josh Gad plays the dimwitted, perpetually awkward and super passionate Skip Gilchrist. It only takes a few seconds of watching him to realize he’s a gifted comedian.

Bill Pullman always seems very presidential, so it makes sense that he is playing President Dale Gilchrist. First lady Emily Nash-Gilchrist is played by Jenna Elfman.

The dynamics of this first family are entertaining, and a pretty fresh idea for NBC Thursday night comedy lovers to view. And as if watching a first family isn’t fun enough, this family has an unwanted step-mother, good-for-nothing adult son, pregnant teen mother, and possible lesbian/bisexual young daughter. In all honesty, if this wasn’t sandwiched in the Thursday night group of comedies on NBC, I wouldn’t seek this out to watch. But it’s better than Outsourced, at least.

1600 Penn Picture Interlude

You guys know I always mention fashion. Cause I’m girly. And I gotta. I love Jenna Elfman’s first lady hair. You know what the secret is? Have a side part and push back the smaller side behind your ear. It’s so simple, but you can’t forget that. And then, yea, use a curling iron and blah blah. Anyway. I also really love the short sweater top and pleated navy skirt that Becca Gilchrist (Martha MacIsaac) wore in this pilot episode. MacIsaac has an earnestness much like we see in Alison Brie. In the second episode she wore another very prim, sweet Emma Pillsburry (Jayma Mays on Glee – who I miss!) style of polka dotted dress.

The series also features Andrew Holland as Marshall Malloy, Amara Miller as Marigold Gilchrist and Benjamin Stockham as Xander Gilchrist.

In this digital age, we’re all thrust into the spotlight with much more intense scrutiny than ever before. Especially if you live at 1600 Penn.

1600 Penn Season 1, Episode 1 – “Putting Out Fires” & 1600 Penn Season 1, Episode 2 The Skiplantic Ocean | Photo Credit: NBC | Created by: Jason Winer, Josh Gad, and Jon Lovett