The best 1600 Penn quotes from the NBC series about a fictional first family. (Not all caught up on it yet? That’s okay. Did you read our 1600 Penn review yet?)

1600 Penn Quotes

Skip: You sound like a crazy person.

Skip: Let’s fight fire, with fire safety.

Emily: Let’s fetus facts. Will we always get along? Maybe baby not.

Skip: I came into this meeting with very low blood sugar which was very chancey.

President Gilchrist: Oh my God, Becca. Do you even know his name?
Becca: I know his nickname.

Becca: Ugh, how’d they get THAT picture?

Becca: I have to write a sober, thoughtful statement about the one time I tried a Jell-O shot.

Becca: I used to love my Google alerts!

Emily: Stuff went down, man!

President Gilchrist: A hug as a weapon, I like it.

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1600 Penn Season 1 | Photo Credit: NBC | Created by: Jason Winer, Josh Gad, and Jon Lovett