With Glee season 3 airing, now is an appropriate time to evaluate whether or not you’re a Gleek with an addiction.

1.) You need the latest Glee merchandise. It’s not debatable. And this doesn’t just mean downloading the songs on itunes and buying the DVDs. You even have the Glee Wii game.

2.) You’re highly interested in glee fashion. You follow it on the tv blogs and you even try to buy exact pieces you’ve seen on the show. From track suits to Anthropologie cardigans – it doesn’t matter if you’re a Sue or a Emma. You love it.

3.) You own or covet glee jewelry. Specifically Emma Pillsbury jewelry, and  Rachel’s glee necklaces, from her original star, to her “Finn” “R” and newer star necklace. In fact, you might have an Etsy shop where you sell similar pieces you’ve made to replicate them.

4.) You tell your best friends, family members, and even strangers who they “are” on the show. If they’re a little OCD with the antibacterial soap you let them know that they’re so an Emma, and that help is out there. If they’re getting bossy, you’re going to let them know they’re being a Rachel.

5.) You’ll attend a football game, fine. But you’ll be expecting a musical number in the “Single Ladies” or “Heads Will Roll/Thriller” sort of way.

6.) You watch every movie and musical referenced on the show – from Neil Diamond, The Wiz, Idina Menzel, Linda Evangelista, The Rocky Horror Picture ShowLes Miserables, Dream Girls, Men Without Hats, Funny Girl and My Fair Lady. And while you may not have known much about Barbara Streisand before, now you’re practically an expert. Who knew she was so cool?

7.) You turn the character’s names into verbs. “You totally just pulled a Rachel on me!”

8.) When you hear someone is pregnant, you first joke that the kid should be named “Drizzle” like Finn told Quinn. Then you say “Jackie Daniels” like Puck suggested to Quinn. But then you finally get serious and suggest names like “Mercedes” and “Kurt.”

9.) The local 7-11 is gaining money due to your frequent trips to buy slushies. And while you might never pour it over someone’s head, you sometimes fantasize about it getting revenge on a bully in the traditional Glee style.

10.) You want to make mash-up’s of everything in love. Not just songs. Recipes, fashions, words, etc!

11.) There are plenty of new words and phrases that you’ve learned and utilize in conversation: ballad, hairography, hysterical pregnancy, jazzercise, OCD, trouty mouth, Jewish Cloud (Glee slang / Glee lingo for an afro), gleek, showmance, lebanese, vocal masturbation, Barbaravention, kangaroo court, Tweedle dumb and Tweedle fake boobs, ke and dollar sign ha, Sue-icide, Jewish Elephant in the room…

12.) People who compliment or guest star on Glee (like Madonna, Gwyenth Paltrow, Neil Patrick Harris, Brittany Spears and Joss Whedon) are suddenly people you love. People who insult Glee (or that the show badmouths) you suddenly dislike (like Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson.)

13.) Need to pray? You don’t find a church or synagogue. No, don’t be silly. You find a grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled Cheesus lives on.

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