Ella Montgomery had the best quote of the episode, hollah! Go, Mrs. M! (Well, she is going…to Vienna!)


Here are the best quotes from Pretty Little Liars “Cat’s Cradle” (Intrigued by the picture above? For more on the fashion recap, click here!)

Would it really be so bad?
Hanna: Okay, my Mom is not connected to a cockatoo.
Emily: Parrot.
Hanna: Whatever.

The way she says this is just so….augh…
Hanna: My Mom may have hit him a little with her car, but she did not kill Wilden.

Dated reference for the win…
Hanna: Aw. Eat Bake Love.

Um, yes. A resounding yes.

Aria: Is it weird to be jealous of your Mom’s love life?

Best quote of the episode…
Ella: You’d be surprised how long a second can last.

That’s what you always say…
Aria: It’s not that big of a lie.

I sense hostility…(And the perfect chance to reference Veronica Mars is missed!)

Hanna: What, we can’t make a move without Nancy Drew? (About Spencer.)

Listen, you’re cute but you’re also creepy sometimes…
Toby: It’s always felt like a she, hasn’t it?

Kind of smart…
Aria: Passion isn’t supposed to be easy.

Don’t you just want everyone to give you this advice, all the time?

Aria: Do not talk yourself out of something that you want, and something that you deserve.